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Name Size Last Update
English Firmware Quick Start Guide 191.66 KB 9/11/2013
English Manual pdf Owner's Manual 866.93 KB
English Manual pdf YAS-152/ATS-1520/YSP-1400 Notice of changes to specifications 167.93 KB 1/11/2012
Chinese Manual pdf YAS-152/ATS-1520/YSP-1400 规格变更注意 167.93 KB 1/11/2012
Korean Manual pdf YAS-152/ATS-1520/YSP-1400 사양 변경 공지 167.93 KB 1/11/2012

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Be aware that the regulations/precautions described in each manual may be obsolete and may NOT fully comply with the current laws in your area, especially if they were printed and produced many years ago.

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